ISO 20022 Live – A Successful Case Study
5/22/2018 • 3:40 PM-4:30 PM • Room 323 • Audience: Intermediate

We hear that ISO20022 is being utilized by US global corporations, but are unclear as to the specific uses and the path to implementation. The US Wire payment networks are marching towards ISO20022. Hear about initiatives underway amongst the US payment networks. Hear about a successful case study from a corporation on their collaborative ISO20022 initiative. What were the challenges and derived benefits? Consider how ISO 20022 can apply to your organization.

Analyzing Bank Counterparty Risk – Changing Landscape for Investors
5/22/2018 • 4:40 PM-5:30 PM• Room 202 • Audience: Intermediate

Corporate fiduciaries with oversight responsibilities need to know where they reside in bank liability ‘waterfalls’ to better discern counterparty risk. Whether they are managing bilateral derivatives contracts or investing in deposits there are different tools to assess bank credit risk. Given changes seen in bank resolution across the globe, a clinical evaluation of priority of claims is helpful to measuring and thinking constructively about bank counterparty risk.

Integrated Receivables: A Win-Win-Win for Banks, FinTechs and Corporates
5/22/2018 • 4:40 PM-5:30 PM • Room 204 • Audience: Intermediate

In order to successfully evolve Treasury Management and Accounts Receivables (AR) offerings to support corporate banking customers’ growing needs, banks are being asked to deliver a comprehensive—and increasingly integrated—range of services and solutions. Join representatives from Horicon Bank and FTNI to discover how financial institutions and FinTechs can partner to deliver corporate banking customers with truly integrated receivables solutions to consolidate, automate and streamline receivables operations on a single platform.

TMS and Bank Connectivity: Pros and Cons
5/22/2018 • 4:40 PM-5:30 PM • Room 324 • Audience: Advanced

Many TMS providers also offer some level of bank connectivity. But is it better to go through the TMS, or decouple bank connectivity and work with a third-party service provider? It can be difficult to figure out which option is best for your specific requirements and desires. This session will objectively cover the pros and cons of both models, and will teach you the questions to ask in order to make an informed decision.

2018 ACH Rule Changes and Regulation CC Update
5/23/2018 • 8:30 AM-9:20 AM • Room 202 • Audience: Intermediate

Learn what the 2018 ACH Rule changes entail to avoid unnecessary rules violations, customer dissatisfaction and financial losses due to non-compliance. In addition, looking at the most significant upcoming changes to Regulation CC, which the Federal Reserve Board of Governors amended May 31, 2017.

The Bank of the Future: What Tomorrow’s Treasurers Want
5/23/2018 • 9:30 AM-10:20 AM • Room 327 • Audience: Intermediate

Gather any group of treasurers together, and it won’t be long before the topic of banks come in for some robust discussion. Today’s rapidly changing technologies may offer a chance for banks to adapt very quickly to serve treasurers better. In this session, a panel of experts looks at what the bank of the future needs to look like if is to continue to deliver the services treasurers demand.

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The Future of Authentication is Here
5/23/2018 • 11:20 AM-12:10 PM • Room 204 • Audience: Beginner

Businesses are more connected than ever before and mobile devices have become an indispensable tool. Rapid advances in mobile technology have reshaped how we transact business and think about banking security. In this session, you’ll hear how a two corporate treasurers are adopting a broad range of mobile solutions, from biometrics to mobile token. You’ll also hear about new security features and advances that have made mobile banking one of the safest ways to bank.

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KYC – How Do We Improve The Process?
5/24/2018 • 8:30 AM-9:20 AM • Room 207 • Audience: Intermediate

We’ve all suffered enough. Opening new bank accounts either domestically or internationally can require a lot of documentation and it can vary by country. What is driving this? This panel discussion will address why the KYC process is so painful for both banks and corporates and what banks and corporates can do to improve and streamline the process.

Streamline Treasury Onboarding by Changing Just One Thing
5/24/2018 • 12:20 PM-1:10 PM • Room 327 • Audience: Beginner

Treasury Management is one of the most complex operations in any financial institution, requiring multiple approval layers, paper-intensive documentation and disparate onboarding procedures. To better understand complexities and inefficiencies associated with treasury onboarding, Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions commissioned a study with Treasury Strategies that not only got to the root of treasury management onboarding challenges, but revealed a number of ways financial institutions can streamline the process.