Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Borrower Boot Camp: Loan Documents 101
5/22/2018 • 4:40 PM-5:30 PM • Room 207 • Audience: Beginner

Want to be able to ‘talk the talk’ of loan documents? We will walk through, at a high level, the fundamental provisions of an entire credit agreement–key defined terms, representations and covenants, events of default, and more. We will review examples of basic provisions and reveal how to make them more borrower-friendly. We will conclude with tips for closing your facility in a smooth fashion so that you can get back to running your business.

Hot Topics in Income Taxation
5/23/2018 • 2:10 PM-3:00 PM • Room 207 • Audience: Beginner

Discuss recent developments in income taxation, with a particular emphasis on US tax reform

Ten Ways to Optimize your Debt Issuance
5/23/2018 • 4:00 PM-4:50 PM • Room 206 • Audience: Advanced

Improve overall pricing by learning how the market prices your debt at issuance; how to better manage the banks’ services throughout the process; how to increase the attractiveness of your issue among buy-side participants and thereby demand for your debt; how to not solely rely on the banks for guidance on timing by understanding how to read the market.

Seize the Opportunity: New Hedge Accounting Rules
5/24/2018 • 10:30 AM-11:20 AM • Room 206 • Audience: Intermediate

Has your organization faced challenges in applying hedge accounting due to the technical guidance or administrative burdens? For the first time in over a decade, hedge accounting has changed in a substantial way. These changes present companies with more situations in which hedge accounting will be accessible for common risk management strategies. Learn how your company will be impacted and what you could be doing to take advantage of these changes and preparing for adoption.

Best Practices Equipment Lease Contracts
5/24/2018 • 12:20 PM-1:10 PM• Room 202 • Audience: Intermediate

Learn key provisions in leasing contracts, how to negotiate changes, and lower your risk exposure and costs through effective negotiating. Where you will get push back and where you will not. Do better deals!