Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management

Modernizing Today’s Treasury Organization
5/23/2018 • 11:20 AM-12:10 PM • Room 326 • Audience: Intermediate

Today’s treasury environment demands organizations maintain thoughtful structure, flexibility, and vision to be successful. Building the appropriate treasury structure is the foundation. Effectively deploying and utilizing technology such as treasury workstations will ensure future vision realization. Identifying and retaining talent through motivational and performance measurement tactics can ensure organizational goals are achieved. With cash and liquidity management changing at a historic pace, lets discuss the opportunities to move your treasury organization into a modern state.

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Factors Driving Decisions to Re-engineer Payment Processes – Finally!
5/24/2018 • 8:30 AM-9:20 AM • Room 324 • Audience: Intermediate

Re-engineering payment processes can involve many things: transitioning from paper to electronic payments, automating processes that have until now been manual, outsourcing components of the process, avoiding the use of bank branches, etc. These are not necessarily new ideas. So why has there been hesitation to take the re-engineering journey? And why are there now growing numbers of companies finally taking the leap? Are you one of them? If not, should you be?

Leveraging the Power Your TWS Technology with Business Intelligence Tools
5/24/2018 • 8:30 AM-9:20 AM • Room 327 • Audience: Advanced

At Health Care Service Corporation, best practices are a both an objective and business culture driven from the top down. HCSC’s treasury team must be subject matter experts in cash management, capital efficiency, and cash forecasting. HCSC panel discusses the importance of striving for best practices and shares examples of how they expanded the application of business intelligence tools to automate custom reporting tools and leverage their TMS capabilities to manage an expansive business enterprise.