Getting and Maintaining Your CTP Certification

Written by: Norman Goldstein, CTP, Gold International

Getting and maintaining your CTP certification, why is it so important?  Like any certification, it immediately says, you have attained a certain recognized level of competence in your profession.  In Treasury, the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) reflects your knowledge of your industry and the State of the Art tools to be successful.  Having the CTP designation puts you in a different category when you’re seeking a new job or even a new role within your own company.  Among other things, this likely brings a higher price tag with it as well.  The fact that you are required to earn continuing education credits to retain this designation, makes sure that you are on top of current changes, ideas, and new concepts in your field.

Earning Your CTP will Get You Noticed

At one time, it was nice to have a CTP (CCM).  Today it’s really a door opener.  I have been able to assist in placing well over 100 individuals into treasury positions over the years.  The one common requirement when I would be contacted by a hiring manager was that they wanted someone who had passed the CTP exam or was about to.  As one hiring manager once said, “they don’t need the CTP to get the job, but they will need it to keep the job.”

During the Windy City Summit, we offer a comprehensive review course for those planning to sit for the exam and an abundance of educational sessions where those who already passed the exam can easily earn their recertification credits in order to retain their designation.  Take advantage of these opportunities being made available to you.


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