Session Tracks

  • M&A from a Treasury Perspective- Risks, Opportunities, Pitfalls
  • Escheatment Boot Camp
  • Understanding Consumer Behavior and Generational Changes in the Workplace
  • Best Practices in Treasury Digitalization and Process Improvement
  • Fintech Partnerships: How to Build Diverse Ecosystems
  • Can You Spot a Fraudster?
  • Cyber Insurance: The Perks and the Pitfalls
  • Commercial P&C Insurance for Non-Insurance Professionals
  • Networking/Personal Branding to Achieve Success in your Treasury Career
  • Shifting Technology and Changing Staff Requirements
  • Five Leadership Strategies to “Bounce Back” from the Oops!
  • How to Successfully Navigate Treasury Management in Emerging Markets
  • Canadian Banking and Cash Management Update
  • A Corporate View of ISO 20022 in North America and Beyond
  • Taking Politics Out of ESG
  • Chaos in Cash – The Fed’s Reaction to Spiking Inflation
  • The Evolution of Corporate Liquidity Investing: Navigating the Choppy Economic Waters
  • Optimizing Operating Cash Balances Beyond The Big Three
  • What are Treasury Teams Thinking about in 2023 – Importance of
    Working Capital
  • Liquidity Planning – Post-Pandemic Value of Treasury
  • Emerging Liquidity Trends
  • Asset Allocation – How to Manage the Balance Between Risk and Return with your Cash
  • The Liquidity Continuum: Strategies in a Rising Interest Rate Environment
  • What Do Cryptocurrencies and CBDCs Mean to Corporate Treasury?
  • Making Sense of Alphabet Soup; DEI, ESG,& SRI
  • Evaluating Leading Practices for Effective Cash Forecasting in 2023
  • Commodity Hedging 101
  • Protecting Your Business from Imposter Fraud Scams: Be Informed and Take Action to Help Stay Safe
  • To Hedge or Not Hedge: Evaluating Risks of FX Exposure
  • Treasury Perspective-Geopolitical Risk and the Supply Chain Vendor Ecosystem
  • Payments Fraud and Your Vendor Master: The Risk Inherent in Your Verification Process
  • Data-Driven Strategies for Managing FX Volatility
  • The Opportunities and Challenges of Intelligent Routing
  • Leverage Embedded Finance to Transform Your Business
  • How Fintech Is a Treasury Management Game-Changer
  • CFO’s Outlook 2023: Cash Culture Led by Autonomous Finance
  • Rewiring the World of 21st Century Commerce
  • From APIs to Robotics – How New Technologies are Transforming Payments
  • Big Data and Treasury
  • Payment Optimization in 3 Simple Steps
  • The Transformation of B2B Payments
  • Capitalizing on Instant Payments
  • Optimizing AP from Invoice to Pay
  • Treasury Management Essentials: Your Formula for Treasury Success
  • Managing Working Capital in Challenging Economic and Interest Rate Environment
  • The Influencer: How today’s Treasurer is moving beyond payments and impacting strategic business decisions
  • Virtual Treasury Leveraging Technology
  • Flexible M&A Strategy: Leveraging AI-Enabled Cash Forecasting Insights
  • FedNow: Is Your Organization Satisfying Demand for Instant Payments?
  • The Changing Payments Landscape in the United States and the World
  • Payer Expectations are Evolving: Leverage Receivables Tools to Respond
  • Essential Learning for CTP Candidates
  • Banks, Payment Systems and Relationship Management
  • Basics of Financial Statements – FP&A
  • Working Capital Management
  • Review of Basic CTP Calculations
  • Short-Term Investing/Borrowing
  • Risk Management and Cash Forecasting
  • Collections, Concentration and Disbursements
  • Advanced CTP Math

Overview Agenda

Please note, session content is subject to change.

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Payment Optimization in 3 Simple Steps

A payments strategy at its very basic definition answers three questions: who to pay, when to pay and how to pay. Understanding your organization’s goal with respect to payables is an important first step in developing your payment strategy. We will discuss various approaches to increase working capital, efficiencies through automation, maximize financial gains, and most importantly in the payments world – ensuring safety, control and minimizing risk.

Sponsored by BMO

ESG can be an input into any investment process, can be an outcome pursued by sustainable strategies that clients can choose. The nuances of ESG investing can be difficult to convey. It’s politicization has added to the challenge of ESG-related discussions. Let’s discuss how to take the politics out, how to reframe ESG so critics/enthusiasts (and every stakeholder in between) can have informed, productive discussions. Will also provide most current market commentary impacting liquidity investing.

Combining both economic data and market intelligence the speaker will describe what metrics the Fed is most focused on and how the market signals show when they are wrong. As the Fed reaches their inflection point they must determine if they have snuffed out the surge in inflation or if it is waiting to pulse again. How should you manage your cash in this new interest rate paradigm.

The continued volatility and lack of market liquidity has prompted corporate treasuries to either begin or restart their commodities hedging program. Many are trying to apply their skills learned in hedging FX and rates. This session will walk through what to expect – from instrument choice to liquidity assessment, electronic trading, available markets and risk and reporting. Attendees will leave with a check list and action plan.

As a treasury professional you spend your life safeguarding and investing your company’s money but can the same be said for you and your treasury career?
You need to be your own career coach. Gain key insights from a global corporate treasury recruiter on how to advance your treasury career.
This session includes;
The Power of Networking
Effective Personal Branding
Becoming Your Own Career Mentor
What’s The Current State of the Treasury Recruitment Market?

Transacting business in emerging markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa can be complex, requiring you to keep up with evolving payment options, unique local currency restrictions and risks, and issues related to in-country accounts. This session will explore industry trends and best practices for successfully navigating today’s complex international banking markets and discuss what we foresee for the future.

Sponsored by US Bank

This session will cover common misconceptions about the CTP Exam that lead candidates to make assumptions that are incorrect. Incorrect assumptions can set up candidates for failure even before they embark on a course of study and exam preparation. Learning how Essentials of Treasury Management (ETM7) is created and how the CTP Exam is developed is the starting point for enabling candidates to have a factual and realistic understanding of what they need to learn in order to earn the credential. This session also offers candidates proven tips and techniques for preparing for the CTP Exam and for ensuring the best chance of passing. The session concludes with a discussion of the new Body of Knowledge text (ETM7).

Sponsored by KeyBank
9:55 AM - 10:45 AM
The Transformation of B2B Payments

Changes in business payments have accelerated during the pandemic era. Using Nacha data, national AFP studies and Federal Reserve research, the presenters will cover changes taking place and why they are happening. The session will highlight new standards and processes enabling completely electronic payment processes, such as supplier onboarding and payee verification. You’ll come away with an understanding of the major changes taking place in the payments industry and how they impact corporate payments practitioners.

As we shifted from the Covid cash boom of 2020 to an unprecedented monetary policy hiking cycle in 2022, into the recession watch of 2023, corporate treasury has shifted to reform and ultimately capturing yields. Throughout the volatility of the decade, treasurers navigated their ship in the challenging market by remaining proactive and adapting to the choppy waters. Please join Goldman Sachs as we explore our cash investing outlook for the 2nd half of 2023.

An acquisition can be disruptive to treasury teams that are not ready for the winding road that comes with any acquisition integration.
Topics to be covered relative to pre-acquisition and post-acquisition include cash visibility and control, financial risk management, operational risk management, technology integration, and bank relationship management.

Rapid technology changes challenge treasurers to keep their group current and performing well. This session will examine different mindsets in developing a nimble and forward-looking team.
How are the age cohorts working out? What are the risks and opportunities with each group?
What mix of skills does a modern treasury team need?
Why both development and new hiring must be considered carefully.
Exploring ways of attracting talent and developing skills you need for the future.

Treasury teams are struggling in today’s environment as they feel the squeeze of juggling multiple priorities among increased demands for more strategic and efficient decision making. This is where technology and banking integrations can help. We will explore CFOs’ and treasury teams’ top strategic priorities and review how modern connectivity channels are enabling corporates to execute on their digital transformation journey and take advantage of opportunities to optimize working capital.

Sponsored by PNC Bank

“Up to 90% of CFOs and CIOs report payments and financial fraud attempts, and cyber threats are growing more complex with intelligent technology – making proactive fraud detection and response programs a top priority for CEOs and their boards.
In this session, we will outline strategies to actively defend financial workflows and data from fraud and cybercrime to maximize protection end-to-end.”

Sonsored by Kyriba

This session begins the coverage of the specific materials from ETM7. In this session, banks and financial institutions will be discussed, as well as how various payment systems (both U.S. and global) operate. The session ends with a detailed discussion of relationship management, vendor selection and the calculations involved in bank account analysis statements.

Sponsored by KeyBank
11:30 AM - 12:20 PM
Capitalizing on Instant Payments

In this session, you will hear how instant payments are bringing significant benefits to the early adopter businesses who have added this payment type to their payments mix. We will review the use cases where instant payments are being leveraged today and how treasury professionals can integrate instant payments into your environment.

How risk events played out in 2022 gave much for corporates to consider when managing cross border liquidity, but it was not a challenge that could not have been foreseen. What should Treasury focus upon to prepare for the challenges, and opportunities 2023 will bring?

Sponsored by J.P. Morgan

Treasury professionals continually strive to maintain balance of safety/liquidity/yield in their operating, core, and strategic cash portfolios. CFO’s are tasked with preserving and safely growing larger pools of cash, which inherently demands increased diversification at a time when investment options are seemingly limited or in many cases, are too similar in underlying securities to affect true diversification. Treasury professionals need options beyond The Big Three of money market funds, ECR/bank deposits, and U.S. Treasury obligations.

Every year, imposter fraud schemes like social engineering and identity theft are being used to steal billions of dollars from companies, and financial losses brought about by these types of scams continue to soar. This session will focus on what you need to know about imposter fraud scams. We’ll share ideas to help protect our organization maintain good cyber and risk hygiene and protect itself from these very real and potentially costly dangers.

Sponsored by PNC Bank

Cyber insurance is designed to help offset financial liability of a cyber attack or data breach that compromises data and disrupts business systems. Join our conversation to learn more about benefits and potential pitfalls of cyber insurance coverage for your organization.

Fintech is changing treasury management by automating tasks, improving data analytics, increasing visibility and providing better security. In this presentation, Dan Carmody will discuss how treasury departments can take advantage of these fintech technologies to improve efficiency, decision-making, security and access to financing. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the potential benefits fintech and how it will influence treasury management.

This session will cover the basics of financial planning and analysis, as well as other key financial and accounting concepts. The standard financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows) are outlined as well as the use of ratio analysis to determine the financial health of the company. The important ratios covered include those related to liquidity management, debt management/coverage and asset management. In addition to financial analysis, this session will discuss performance measures such as return on investment, residual income and Economic Value Added (EVA).

Sponsored by KeyBank

Learn about how bank balance sheets, capital requirements, liquidity, and other critical areas need to be considered moving forward.

2:05 PM - 2:55 PM
Optimizing AP from Invoice to Pay

Accounts payable has historically struggled with paper, operational efficiencies and costs. The work from home environment has exacerbated the situation. Innovation has come to the rescue with best practices such as digital data capture and automated approval flows powered by technology platforms that execute seamlessly throughout the entire process, from invoicing to payments. In this session, we will discuss how combining technological advances with process improvement is the recipe for AP success.

Sponsored by PNC Bank

Post-pandemic treasury leaders have emerged as strategic partners to their organizations, managing liquidity as a lever to drive financial growth and resilience. In this session, AFP Pinnacle Award Winner HCSC and Kyriba will discuss HCSC’s digital treasury transformation, how they quantified the value of their treasury, and how they rely on data to drive continual improvement in their financial operations.

Sponsored by Kyriba

This session will cover the basics of escheatment and the role that treasury play in helping companies stay in compliance with laws in 54 US jurisdictions. Attendees will increase their knowledge on reporting requirements, how to identify UP, how to minimize risk for enforcement action, and best practices for reducing exposure and cash outflow. We will also discuss trending issues in the enforcement area and state updates that attendees will want to share with management.

Treasury has been tasked with diving deep into the risk drivers of interest rates, currency, commodities, and credit. Geopolitics has taken center stage because of new disruptions to the supply chain vendor ecosystem. Treasury has a critical role in evaluating geopolitical risk on vendor viability, cash flow, and access to rare commodities for production. The session will aid Treasurers to evolve their risk assessment and understanding of the interdependencies with geopolitics.

While the simplest hedging practices are well understood and frequently used, Foreign Exchange (FX) risk can still be substantial. Understanding traditional FX hedging practices, as well as move advanced methods can be critical when mitigating risk. This session will explore the risks of hedging and not hedging FX exposures. It will cover traditional FX hedging practices with forward contracts as well as more advanced practices using derivatives.

Sponsored by BMO

This session covers both the basics and the metrics (calculations) used in the area of working capital management. These topics include cash conversion cycle, management of key working capital accounts (accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable), and the investment and financing of working capital. The section on working capital metrics covers many of the important calculations used in the area, including days sales outstanding, aging schedules and payment pattern analysis.

Sponsored by KeyBank
3:00 PM - 3:50 PM
Treasury Management Essentials: Your Formula for Treasury Success

Join us for an in-depth discussion on the most crucial payables and receivables solutions, latest trends, and best practices to achieve treasury success in your organization. Our panel of subject matter experts will share tried and true methods for converting from paper to electronic and ultimately, gaining better visibility and control.

The discussion will focus on two key trends in the liquidity investment space; opportunities to leverage technology advances to transform Treasury processes and socially responsible investing product innovations. Technology and digital advances have evolved to focus on information and intelligence rather than delivery and this can benefit treasury processes. The various products to help Corporate Treaurers align their short- term investments with their organization’s overall socially conscious goals and objectives will be reviewed.

Establishing a framework around your cash allocation is a critical first step in determine how much risk you are willing to take vs. the return generated. Our discussion will focus on the various structural, cyclical and tactical factors that play a part in the allocation. How do these inputs influence and challenge our discission making.

Targeted to companies with U.S.-Canada operations, we will provide an overview of the Canadian banking industry and how to effectively manage U.S.-Canada treasury operations and working capital management. In this session, we will provide an update on the Canadian banking system, competitive landscape, key differences between U.S. and Canada in areas of payment processing, clearing practices and rules and regulations, and fraud prevention.

Sponsored by City National Bank

There’s no snooze button on things that keep CFOs up at night. With a growing business, uncertain recession-led economy, and seasoned, outdated finance systems—2023 will be a rollercoaster ride.Finance leaders need to vouch for options to help achieve tighter cash flow control and stay on top of working capital trends. According to the latest McKinsey Global Survey on the role of the CFO, finance professionals are deeply involved in determining how businesses adapt to trends—particularly in those places where digital and finance intersect.

Join Siddharth Subramani, Director – Solution Engineering, HighRadius, to discover how moving away from traditional B2B software dependency and giving a green light to Autonomous Finance solutions could be a critical differentiator to enhance strategy and reach peak performance (plus help you get a good night’s sleep)!

Sponsored by HighRadius

Understand how your organization can take an active interest in the financial well-being of its employees. Changes in talent demographics, working arrangements and technology are impacting how employees need and want to be paid. Are you prepared to meet these shifts? In this session, we’ll guide you through the latest trends and tools, and help you prepare your organization to embrace the future of pay. Learn how your organization can meet the evolving needs of today’s workforce and help your employees get the most out of their pay.

Sponsored By ADP

This session will involve an overview of CTP math. It will not be the first time that formulas and calculations are introduced. Any math associated with the relevant topics covered in the earlier sessions will have already been discussed in context. The difference is that this session will focus on the more challenging formulas and calculations found throughout ETM7. Along with math tips and techniques for all CTP candidates, the instructors will specifically address overcoming the “fear factor” for those CTP candidates who have had very little exposure to financial mathematics or for whom it has been decades since they last took a college course involving financial formulas and calculations.

Sponsored by KeyBank
9:00 AM - 9:50 AM
Managing Working Capital in Challenging Economic and Interest Rate Environment

Efficient working capital management is critical when navigating volatile capital markets and a challenging economic and interest rate environment. In this session, we will review:
– Using digital innovations to more efficiently manage receivables
– Strategically managing payables through multiple channels
– Securing access to liquidity and closely monitoring needs
– Actively managing risk and employing strong fraud prevention
– Monitoring strategically important trade partnerships.

Sponsored by City National Bank

The intended use of excess cash and a sense of when the funds will be needed are critical in determining an appropriate liquidity management strategy. An appropriate solution will align with the cash manager’s preferences, balanced by the risk, diversification and tax implications they wish to employ. This session will discuss the available account structures and investment vehicles to optimize your liquidity strategy in this market

Sponsored by PNC Bank

A discussion on how Treasury’s role is expanding beyond liquidity and risk to include strategic advisor and technologist/data officer.
Learn how Treasury is becoming the pivotal department “The Influencer,” using payments expertise and data intelligence to drive strategy and revenue with a new focus on modernization and innovation that will impact the bottom line.

Sponsored by J.P. Morgan

71% of companies reported they were the target of an attempted or successful payments fraud scam last year*. More than three-quarters of the time these incidents stemmed from business or vendor email compromises as fraudsters pretended to be someone else – often an existing vendor – in the hopes of changing vendor bank account credentials.

Among finance professionals, the problem of social engineering payments fraud scams is well known, but not well understood. Without understanding, building the processes and investing in the tools to combat it is difficult. And with claims increasingly on the rise, insurance coverage for these types of fraud scams is more difficult to secure.

In this session we’ll cover:

– Exactly how a successful social engineering payments fraud scam unfolds
– Key ways your vendor onboarding and verification process will likely fail to detect a fraud
– What to ask your risk team and your insurance broker regarding your exposure to these types of scams

The world economy has changed significantly over the past decades, particularly following the Fintech revolution. Businesses today have new, better ways to pay and collect, and can provide consumers with new and frictionless financial products and services – which have a profound impact on the way business gets done. Furthermore, there are only going to be more opportunities to develop alternative, cost-effective payment models to support microtransactions with the ongoing development of Web3.

Join Chatham Financial and a panel of treasury practitioners from leading Chicago-based corporations as they review the recent foreign currency landscape and share how their organizations navigated unprecedented FX noise across their financial statements and leveraged tools and technology to execute and optimize their risk management programs.

Sponsored by Chatham Financial

This session provides coverage of short-term investing, including calculations related to yield and security pricing. The session also covers financing from the borrower’s perspective, including the calculation of the costs on bank lines of credit and commercial paper.

Sponsored by KeyBank
9:55 AM - 10:45 AM
Virtual Treasury Leveraging Technology

Many organizations are undergoing a digital transformation but still need to maximize working capital. We will share industry insights and best practices on how to leverage technology to achieve virtual treasury and ultimately make the most of your cash.

Digital currencies represent an asset class. Should that asset class be considered for a place on your balance sheet? Does your position change if the US introduces a Central Bank Digital Currency? This session will provide a foundation of understanding of digital currencies and give a framework for thinking about how they fit for your business.

Learn about the latest initiatives in Treasury to enhance performance, efficiency and controls. How Baxter transformed their Treasury group and what other companies are following this path. The session will cover best practices around People, Processes and Technology in the key areas of Treasury: Liquidity Management, Payments, Banking Relationship Management and Risk Management.

Despite being the most important function for treasurers, traditional Cash Forecasting delivers inaccurate and unreliable results even in the short term, rendering them unsuitable for decision-making at an executive level. In addition to unreliability, the process is highly inefficient by spending time compiling the forecast, leaving little to no time for variance analysis and accuracy improvement.

Join Kelly Grieshop, Director of Finance at Employer Flexible, to learn how to develop a cash forecasting method that would enable your organization to meet future obligations and better prepare them for growth, whether through acquisition or organically, by leveraging AI-driven cash forecasting insights.

The finance landscape is evolving rapidly. This session will explore technological advancements such as application programming interfaces (APIs), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotic process automation (RPA), and how they’re changing the way business is conducted. We will describe specific ways practitioners and financial institutions alike are leveraging new tools to build efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase the speed of payables evolution.

Sponsored By US Bank

In recent years, there has been an explosion of payment choices available including the addition of Same Day ACH, RTP, Zelle, and FedNow is just round the corner. So how does a business navigate this myriad of new and traditional choices, let alone every time they send a payment file to their bank? The answer: Intelligent Routing.

Sponsored by PNC Bank

The session provides a general overview of risk management in treasury, including concepts such as financial risk, operational risk and enterprise risk management. The session concludes with coverage of the use of financial derivatives such as forwards, futures, options and swaps in the area of financial risk management. The focus is on how companies use these instruments to hedge their exposures in various areas and markets. This session also provides with a detailed discussion of cash forecasting, focusing on the calculations involved in this area, including the receipts and disbursements forecast.

Sponsored by KeyBank
11:30 AM - 12:20 PM
FedNow: Is Your Organization Satisfying Demand for Instant Payments?

Instant payments facilitated by the Federal Reserve’s FedNowSM Service will be available mid-year 2023. According to recent studies conducted by the Federal Reserve, U.S. consumers and businesses of all sizes show an increased need for using instant payments. Businesses were most interested in instant payment capabilities to support day-to-day operations, i.e: mobile order pickup, just-in-time payments, large disbursements, and digital wallets. In this session, Dan will discuss FI’s journey toward implementation and production of FedNow.

DEI, ESG, SRI? It’s a veritable alphabet soup of acronyms that treasurers have to wade through in the investment landscape. Are investors jumping on the bandwagon, bailing out, or something in between? Join us as we make sense of these offerings and if your organization should consider them for your cash investments. We’ll also discuss risk considerations, how to best gain exposure to these investments, and the best way to implementing them.

Partner ecosystems are more important than ever. Join BMO and experts from innovation hub 1871 to discuss how a well curated partnership ecosystem can fuel innovation, drive alignment across multiple business objectives and provide leverage to grow without increasing demands on current teams. We will discuss key trends in financial technology (fintech) partnerships, models to manage them and how to be deliberate and ensure your ecosystems bring strength in their diversity.

Sponsored by BMO

You are hearing a lot about ISO 20022 and its adoption, as well as how companies are streamlining their business operations and achieving cost savings to their bottom line. Are you wondering if this can apply to your business? Hear how Nordson, multinational corporation that designs and manufactures dispensing equipment for consumer and industrial adhesives, got started and where they’ve taken it too.

Sponsored by Nordson

The focus will be on commercial property and liability lines including executive, cyber, international. The insurance industry continues to experience a hard market with rising rates in several lines- come learn what is driving the increased premiums and what you and your firm can do to obtain best results defined as reduced premiums and mitigated risks.
We will review alternative risk transfer options such as captives, parametric and multiline multiyear arrangements. The session is meant to be interactive so come prepared with questions.

Take the guess work out of fraud prevention. Through real examples of fraud, learn where fraudsters typically compromise your AP, how to mitigate those risks, and what your solutions should include to protect your business.

Sponsored by Bank of America

This session provides a review of the basic cash management topics of collections, concentration and disbursement of funds. This session includes coverage of Lockboxes and other collection methods, minimum transfer calculation for funds concentration and bank disbursement accounts and products.

Sponsored by KeyBank
3:40 PM - 4:30 PM
The Changing Payments Landscape in the United States and the World

As check and traditional payment methods continue to decline in the United States and overseas, and opportunities to make faster payments both domestically and globally increase, it is not just banks that are available to help corporates make payments cheaper and more efficient.

This session will focus on what is driving the increase in Real-Time Payments (RTP) in Europe and the United States, what is Open Banking, the background of how FinTechs are moving into this space/helping their clients, and the back-office landscape of banking and payments. We’ll also discuss the current and future opportunities for corporations and organizations to move into non-traditional banking and payment relationships.

Cash forecasting is a consistent priority for corporate treasury teams. The need to automate processes, aggregate information across businesses, and measure forecasting performance by entity is important. But without collaboration on standard processes, reporting needs and the use of historical insights to make strategic decisions, treasury teams struggle with what to do with forecast output. This session discusses ways for global treasury teams to work together to make their forecasting process better while leveraging technology.

Business and consumer expectations are changing when it comes to payments. This session will explain how innovative technologies are altering the receivables process and the potential impact on payment experience for customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Attendees will learn about innovative receivables processing tools and strategies and how they can better meet the expectations of payers. This session will also help attendees anticipate future payment innovations and prepare their businesses for successful transformation.

Sponsored by US Bank

Leaders and Teams are navigating MASSIVE change.
– Increased workload
– Leaders falling sick or lashing out with stress and anxiety
– Team Communicate Ineffectively.

Mistakes are bound to happen. How are Leaders Bouncing Back from a Big OOPs?
Learn 5 Strategies to reclaim creativity, innovation and team cohesion after setbacks with Mental Fitness.
Go beyond the 200 wellness apps, Insightful Trainings and Temporary Motivational Keynotes to experience a true SHIFT in your Organization’s Culture.

Data has created a series of escalating explosions, with a doubling every two years. How can treasury understand this? What needs to be done to manage it? How can this data be leveraged within your core systems and through the use of BI tools, data lakes, and ML/AI? Discussion will include causes of data growth, the opportunity for managing data, and developing a data mindset.

Economic and geopolitical uncertainty is at an all time high. Every organization talks about forecasting more effectively, but few allocate sufficient people, time, and technology to build an effective program. More importantly, CFOs are asking their Treasury leaders to deliver decision support and analytics about free cash flow. Understanding the importance of an accurate, reliable cash forecast for key financial decisions is critical to making the right investments in forecasting.
Forecasting has changed. There are many reasons to forecast in 2023, such as protecting against currency volatility, managing expectations for debt and investments, tackling high interest rate challenges. And, there are a few key areas that should be addressed to help CFOs and treasurers further make the connection between accurate cash forecasting and bottom-line financial performance. This session will focus on the business impact of the cash forecast and the potentially negative implications of not aligning to modern best practices.”

Sponsored by Kyriba

This session will demonstrate methods used by test-makers to reverse equations. This does not apply to all formulas; however, it does apply to formulas that can be expressed algebraically. In addition, the instructors will demonstrate math shortcuts that will enable candidates to logically eliminate some of the answers on a math problem or to derive the answer without having to go through all of the steps. We will briefly discuss the materials from ETM7 that are NOT covered in these sessions, but which ARE covered in the supplemental handouts and on-line course materials.

Sponsored by KeyBank

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